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    FX3: Combine UVC demo (AN75779) and USB - UART Bridge Example




      I want to implement two features in my FX3:

           - UVC device

           - USB-UART bridge


      so that they exists simultaneously (within same configuration in terms of descriptors)

      I successfully merged all required functions, but got stucked with descriptors. Both modes work fine separately but do not work together - Windows says "Invalid USB configuration descriptor"


      So my questions are:

      1) Is it possible at all?

      2) Does CyU3PUsbSetDesc supports non zero desc_index for desc_type other than CY_U3P_USB_SET_STRING_DESCR? Comments says it doesn't but some answers on this forum states that is does?

      3) How to number interfaces within the same config descriptor if it contains "interface association descriptor" with several interfaces inside?


      P.S. I'm attaching my SS,HS and FS configuration descriptors.