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    CYBT-213043-02 doesn't work with CR2032 coin cell



      I've tried mesh application powering all CYBT-213043-02 modules over USB.

      Everything was Ok. Then I switched to powering from CR2032 coin on one of modules and reseted device.

      After this MESH application couldn't find device.

      Then I switched back to USB powering and tried to find it in MESH application again.

      The device remains not found.

      Any comments.


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          Hi ,


          Unfortunately current CYBT-213043-MESH board have some leakage current; Because of which it can't be powered by coin cell battery.

          There are current leakage to USB chip, it make CYBT-213043 module can not work in power battery supply.

          But if you are developing a custom board for end application, it should work with battery supply.


          If you want to evaluate  CYBT-213043-MESH kit with coin cell , then you may have to try as below:

          Hard cutoff HCI_UART through SW4 and cutoff PUART through FW, it will prevent current leakage. After that, CYBT213043 module can work in Battery supply.