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    How to use Last Known Good Area




      I hope to use the Last Known Good Area (LKG) to restore the previous application when the new one does not seem to work.

      The following is quoted from WICED OTA2 Update Support:

      "1:1 copy of Current Application Area before a new OTA2 Image extraction."

      How do you copy the Current Application to the LKG? Are there suitable functions to do that?

      I know that the area is optional, but I would appreciate if you could give me some advice.



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          Last Known Good is not supported in WICED which means that there is no implementation in the OTA2 source code. However, there is a placeholder for LKG code but not tested. If you check /43xxx_Wi-Fi/libraries/filesystems/ota2/wiced_ota2_image.c, they have mentioned ota_offset= OTA2_IMAGE_LAST_KNOWN_GOOD_AREA_BASE under case WICED_OTA2_IMAGE_TYPE_LAST_KNOWN_GOOD. However, this offset would need to be defined in ota2_image_defines.mk to map its memory location. We have forwarded your query to our product development team, who will evaluate your query.

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            Thank you for your response.

            Actually I do not have to use the LKG any more now. If I need it in the future, I would like to use your reply as a reference.