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    Receiver spurios emission CYBLE 212020


      Hi all,


      we use the PSOC4 module CYBLE212020 on a kind of touch sensitive remote controller and during the CE ETSI radio test (300 328) we failed the test for receiver spurious emission (RSE) both below 1GHz and Above 1 GHz.

      From the report seems hat after frocing the receiving mode, there are 2nd harmonic at 4.8GHz (local oscillator?) and further spurious radiation below 1GHz.


      May I kindly ask if someone has some suggestions on how to mitigate such phenomena?



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          At Cypress when we did similar tests on CYBLE-212020 both module and conduct cable on customer board passed RX Lo emission.

          Since the tests are failed at your side, it sounds like the failure may be caused by noise coupling from GND. Please try to do experiment at Specture analyzer with max hold, compare difference with different decoupling capacitoirs, separate SYN/LO GND etc. Please try adding a very low decap (10pF to 30 pF) on VDDR for 4.8 GHz and put a better ferrite bead.