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    CY7C65634-48AXC Overcurrent protection




      I am using "CY7C65634-48AXC" part in my design. I have a doubt on the overcurrent protection.  In the datasheet I can see this: "After detecting an overcurrent condition, hub reports overcurrent condition to the host and disables the PWR#[n] output to the external power device."


      My doubt is How the HUB reports the overcurrent detection to HOST? Using USB packets??


      Is there any driver files available for this HUB@ to work-out this overcurrent functionality in host. I am working in Linux.

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          Yes, the the hub reports the overcurrent condition using Hub specific USB packets and disables power to the device. The hub binds to generic hub driver in the host and the overcurrent detection is reported as per the USB spec.

          Please let us know if you would like to avoid notifying the host of the overcurrent condition?


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