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      Now I do not use the INT# of CYUSB3014-BZXC in the GPIF II Interface.

      I want to generate the interrupt for the VBUS detect(USB Connect,USB Disconnect) to host processor(FPGA).

      When I check the FX3 Programmers Manual,I think the below can realize it.

      Is it right?


      To enable a specific interrupt source(the vector is 21 GCTL_POWER), the firmware has to do the following:

      ■ Point the VIC_VEC_ADDRESS register to the ISR.

      ■ Set the VIC_VECT_PRIORITY register value as desired.


      ■ Enable the interrupt by setting the corresponding bit in the VIC_INT_ENABLE register.

      The following code snippet shows the procedure for setting up Fx3IntHandler as the ISR for interrupt vector i:

      CY_U3P_VIC_VEC_ADDRESS[i] = Fx3IntHandler;/* ISR address. */

      CY_U3P_VIC_VECT_PRIORITY[i] = 2;/* Set the priority to 2. */

      CY_U3P_VIC_INT_ENABLE |= (1 << i);/* Enable the interrupt. */


      I think GCTL_POWER is related with LNK_INTR .

      This event is detected

      by the LTSSM_CONNECT bit of the LNK_INTR link layer interrupt register.


      Thanks and Best Regards