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    about scene question


      Hi  all:
          in the bluetooth mesh, when I  send the recall scene  command by the mesh client control. there is  a uart debug  messages  which are  "company_id:ffff opcode:8242 "
          in the  function get_msg_handler_callback. so  the device have received the recall scene messages. however the device don't  perform the specify scene actions
           for example the light status change. the message is not been transmitted to the application layer for execution.
           I am expecting a reply!





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          Hi mandy wu ,


          Which application are you using.

          I have tried below experiments using mesh_provision_client (scene_client model enables) and dimmable_light (scene_server).



          1) Applications downloaded to two CYBT-213043-mesh kits and ClientControlMesh connected to mesh_provision_client.

          2) provision dimmable_light using mesh_provision_client+clientControlMesh

          3) Go to model tab of clientcontrolmesh and store two scene of dimmable_light (scene no:1 -> ON, Scene Number:2 -> OFF)

          (Please use correct dst and app_key_idx)

          4)Try to recall the scene and check whether the corresponding functions are happening or not.

          (ie, when you recall the scene_1, dimmable light should get ON and when you recall scene_2 the state should become OFF)




          If you are using any other applications , please let me know that. Also please provide us your experiment details so that we can reproduce the same here.