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    About the low level GANG pin waveform for CY7C65642-28TXCT


      Please find attached.When they checked the rising waveform of the GANG pin, it dropped to the low level.However, since there is no problem with the rise of the 3.3V waveform , they are thinking that something has happened inside and the GANG input signal has dropped. Q) Could you please tell me the causes and mechanisms?



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          A single pin is used to set  individual  /  gang mode as well as output the suspend flag. This is done to reduce the pin count.

          The individual or gang mode is decided within 20 µs after power on reset. It has a setup time of 1ns. 50 to 60ms after reset, this pin is changed to output mode. CY7C65642 outputs the suspend flag, once it is globally suspended. Pull-down resistor of greater than 100K is needed for Individual mode and a pull-up resistor greater  than  100K  is  needed  for  Gang  mode.


          See this feature described in the datasheet.  Also, check whether this is what the customer sees in the waveform.


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