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    USBUART and USBFS, which is current/correct/usable?


      I have an existing application that uses PSoc 5LP with a USBUART for a standard USB port. I connect it to a PC (Thinkpad w530) for debut OUTPUT from the PSoC. When the cable is plugged in, the port Enumerates as expected, but then NO application can connect to it. I cannot find any application that is attempting to use it, but my terminal emulator says it cannot connect. Disconnect and reconnect the cable, and it Enumerates again, but I cannot connect to it.


      I have found the existing documentation very confusing; there are examples for USBUART and USBFS, but I cannot even tell which is appropriate.


      The USBUART component connects to a 'datasheet' for USBFS, and documents the USBFS function calls.


      CE95396 USB UART with PSoC 3-5LP.zip contains examples for USBUART_1_xxx(), which I cannot find documented.


      This is all hopelessly confusing.


      Help! Steve

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          Hello Steve,


          1) Please ensure that correct pins to the device. by default this project is for PSoC 4, for PSoC 5LP change the pins to the following:

          USBUART:Dm P15[7]

          USBUART:Dp P15[6]

          LCD: P2[6:0]


          2) Ensure that you are using the correct driver for the project. If you are using USBFS_UART.inf file from the project root directory as a driver then make sure you are using the default VID and PID for the project.


          If this does not resolve the issue, kindly attach the project so that we can have a look at it. This will help us in getting better insight of the issue.


          The USBUART component is an application of the USBFS component. This is the reason why the datasheet of the USBUART points towards USBFS component datasheet. The USBUART is used for implementation of communication device class (CDC) application. Please refer to the USBUART (CDC) section of the USBFS component datasheet for more details on this.


          Best Regards