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    HCI uart cannot recieve any data when recieve bad data which format is not same as WICED HCI UART Control Protocol




      I'm testing HCI uart function which recieve data command. When test use "19 01 01 02 00 01 01"(scan) command. It is fine( Debug trace shown hci_control_process_rx_cmd : Data Length '6). But when I test data which is not done as WICED HCI UART Control Protocol, use "00 01 01 33 55 65", "hci_control_process_rx_cmd : Data Length"  debug trace not shown. And after that I use nomarl command ""19 01 01 02 00 01 01"(scan)", debug trace still not shown and I tried many times. No this trace come even I input normal format command.

      1. Debug trace shown the len is not calculated 19 byte. Right? Because I input 7 bytes command(19 01 01 02 00 01 01), and this log shown len is 6.

      2. I test abnormal command because I worried that there will be useless data been received by this uart. And I want this uart still can work normal, still can recieve data. But unfortunatelly, it works not fine. And even I send normal format command, it still cannot receive data(Because no debug trace shown). How to fix this problem? Attach is my code. Please have a check

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