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    Can't build "Mesh Demo"




      While trying to build Mesh Demo application I've met problem: I was asked to build wiced_btsdk application first.

      I did it (rather tried to do), but wiced_btsdk also failed giving error that I don't understand:


      Description    Resource    Path    Location    Type

      Please create the wiced_btsdk project via New Application wizard in the IDE or via git clone for CLI.    makefile    /Mesh_Demo_213043MESH.switch_smart    line 242    C/C++ Problem

      make: *** Missing prerequisite wiced_btsdk project.  Stop.    makefile    /Mesh_Demo_213043MESH.switch_smart    line 243    C/C++ Problem

      BTSDK application projects require the wiced_btsdk project as a prerequisite.    makefile    /Mesh_Demo_213043MESH.switch_smart    line 241    C/C++ Problem


      What does it mean: wiced_btsdk complains that it can't find himself ?