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    CYW43364 external coexistence




      I use cyw43364 with wiced.


      I want to use coex with third-party ble.

      I want to disable SECI Coex and to enable 3 wire Coex.



      below is array in wifi_nvram_image.h.


      Q1. I can't find nvram.txt. So I will change below parameter. Is this right?


      Q2. How should I change?


      Q3. What GPIO is coex pin?


      static const char wifi_nvram_image[] =

              // # The following parameter values are just placeholders, need to be updated.

              "manfid=0x2d0"                                                       "\x00"

              "prodid=0x0726"                                                      "\x00"

              "vendid=0x14e4"                                                      "\x00"

              "devid=0x43e2"                                                       "\x00"

              "boardtype=0x0726"                                                   "\x00"

              "boardrev=0x1101"                                                    "\x00"

              "boardnum=22"                                                        "\x00"

              "xtalfreq=26000"                                                     "\x00"

              "sromrev=11"                                                         "\x00"

              "boardflags=0x00404000"                                              "\x00"

              "boardflags3=0x08000000"                                             "\x00"

              NVRAM_GENERATED_MAC_ADDRESS                                          "\x00"

              "nocrc=1"                                                            "\x00"

              "ag0=255"                                                            "\x00"

              "aa2g=1"                                                             "\x00"



              //#Antenna diversity

              "swdiv_en=1"                                                         "\x00"

              "swdiv_gpio=2"                                                       "\x00"



              "pa0itssit=0x20"                                                     "\x00"

              "extpagain2g=0"                                                      "\x00"

              //#PA parameters for 2.4GHz, measured at CHIP OUTPUT

              "pa2ga0=-140,6566,-728"                                              "\x00"

              "AvVmid_c0=0x0,0xc8"                                                 "\x00"

              "cckpwroffset0=5"                                                    "\x00"

              //# PPR params

              "maxp2ga0=84"                                                        "\x00"

              "txpwrbckof=6"                                                       "\x00"

              "cckbw202gpo=0"                                                      "\x00"

              "legofdmbw202gpo=0x66111111"                                         "\x00"

              "mcsbw202gpo=0x77711111"                                             "\x00"

              "propbw202gpo=0xdd"                                                  "\x00"

              //# OFDM IIR :

              "ofdmdigfilttype=18"                                                 "\x00"

              "ofdmdigfilttypebe=18"                                               "\x00"

              //# PAPD mode:

              "papdmode=1"                                                         "\x00"

              "papdvalidtest=1"                                                    "\x00"

              "pacalidx2g=32"                                                      "\x00"

              "papdepsoffset=-36"                                                  "\x00"

              "papdendidx=61"                                                      "\x00"

              //# LTECX flags

             // "ltecxmux=1"                                                         "\x00"

              //"ltecxpadnum=0x02030401"                                             "\x00"

             // "ltecxfnsel=0x3003"                                                  "\x00"

             // "ltecxgcigpio=0x3012"                                                "\x00"


              "wl0id=0x431b"                                                       "\x00"

              "btcxwarflags=0x3"                                                       "\x00"

              "deadman_to=0xffffffff"                                              "\x00"

              //# muxenab: 0x1 for UART enable, 0x2 for GPIOs, 0x8 for JTAG, 0x10 for HW OOB

              "muxenab=0x11"                                                        "\x00"

              //# CLDO PWM voltage settings - 0x4 - 1.1 volt

              //#cldo_pwm=0x4                                                      "\x00"

              //#VCO freq 326.4MHz

              "spurconfig=0x3"                                                     "\x00"