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    Reg: HID Library for BCM20736


      Is there HIS library released by Broadcom that can be used on BCM20736?


      I did look at various resources available (after joining in this community), however a specific Yes or No to the above question was not found. I feel it is not available and I may have to build it using the SDK.


      I am specifically trying to look or build a HID Keyboard library.


      Could we confirm this (the availability of HID library)?




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          We show how to implement HOGP  (HID over GATT Profile) on the current BCM2073X device/SDK2.x; take a look at the Watch example app.


          We will also support more extensively BOTH the HID over GATT Profile and the Legacy BT HID Service on the BCM20706/SmartReady SDK 1.x that is due to be released later this quarter.

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            Thank you for the answer.

            Also, I just realised - i had a typing mistake in my first post. Very sorry for that.

            Will go through the Watch example and come back here with comments, shortly.



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              I downloaded the Linux based SDK a few times. However, I am not able to decompress the same. Machine that I am using has Ubuntu 14.04. The Decompression starts but ends abruptly, with no indication of any error. Everytime I downloaded, the downloaded file size was to be 453.4 MB instead of expected 432.4 MB, stated at the link.


              Have also downloaded the Windows based version and it seem to be without errors (tried that out using WINE. It did not install but the installer did work and exited gracefully). I will try it somewhere on windows machine.


              However, could we confirm that I am wrong in saying, "the file at the link above has some errors"?


              May be there is another link for "Watch example app" and/or the Linux based SDK itself. If so, could you suggest the corresponding links here?


              Regarding the upcoming SDK 1.x, I will wait for it surely. However, I wish to evaluate possibility with this (BCM20736) product as there is dependency on the same.


              Thank you.


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                WICED-Smart-SDK-2.2.1-IDE-Installer (Linux) should work on 32b machines, but I know others have had issues with the 64b version)


                WICED-Smart-SDK-2.2.1-IDE-Installer (Windows) works well and many useit today (most popular version downloaded). However, I am not sure how many run it under an emulator if that's what you are referencing.  You should try it on a dedicated Windows machine as well.


                The Watch example is included under the /apps directory on each.

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                  A quite a late me. I am sorry for not responding all this time.


                  Thank you very much for the answer and it has helped me. I could install the Windows Application and find the watch application.


                  Also, for Linux, I will try with 32 bit version, if required. However, Windows version is working and helps out to great extent.




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