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    CyU3PMipicsiInit() fails with status =69


      Hi there

      as per subject. I am using a CX3 project in the EZUSB Suite. I read this discussion  CyU3PMipicsiInit returning CY_U3P_ERROR_FAILURE which is closed so I get here.

      - What is error code 69? Sorry if it is documented somewhere (which I cannot find in the header files)

      - why there could be pblems in i2c communication according to the above mentioned discussion? I understand the MPI blocks is inside the CX3 SoC so does not make sense. please shade some light on this

      Thanks in advance

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          Please find my comments below:

          -Error code 69 refers to a timeout error.

          -The CyU3PMipicsiInit() can fail due to the following reasons:

               1.If an I2C read/write timeout occurs during the operation (This is the issue that you are facing now).

               2.If the part on which this function is called is not a CX3 device.

               3.If a general or unknown error occurred during the operation.


          The CX3 part uses the I2C block to communicate with both the MIPI-CSI block and any connected Image Sensor. The 7 bit I2C slave address 8b'0000111X (Read 0x0F, Write 0x0E) is used internally by the CX3 part to configure and control the MIPI-CSI interface block and should not be used by any external I2C slaves connected to the CX3 on the I2C bus. Also, the pull-ups for I2C lines are to be provided as per checklists mentioned in AN70707, the link to which is given below:



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