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    How to get the 20736 BT stack status in APP layer


      Hi BCM pals,


          My team find out that, in long non-stop data tranmit test, some BCM20736 might enter some strange status such as:

      1. could not receive data from its central

      2. could not send data to its central

      3. could not advertising


          In APP layer, we print out the log via UART, and there is no error in the APP layer.

          For example, today we have get one problem, one BCM20736 work in peripheral mode, and it could recieve data from central, but when it send data back, there is no data received by its central. After reset this BCM20736, everything goes right.


          We think that, if we could polling BCM20736 stack status in APP layer, and we could do self-reset once there is any abnormal status happened in the stack. With this process, we could improve our product much more stable.