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    Compiling error that I can not find


      I keep getting these errors noted below.  How do i get rid of them when i can not find them.  Also the component I made give me a warning, is there a way I can ix this also.

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          I downloaded your zip but there was no source/header files so I could not try compiling.


          Could you do follow?

          (1) Select the project in Workspace Exploere

          (2) Menu Build > Clean <project>

          (3) Menu Project > Archive Workspace/Project...

          Attach result zip file



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            I did as you suggested Motoo ... Scott

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              Both the .zip file archives you sent only have a .pdf, the workspace file (.cywrk) and personal workspace file.  Not enough to work with.

              Are you sure you're using the Project Archive feature in PSoC Creator?  (See Below)



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                I did use both the bundle under File the achiever under Project.  I could not get all the files to be made and bundled properly.  So i took my project file straight from my directory and loaded into my buddy's PC  and had him compile the project.  He was able to compile it with not errors or warnings.  I then took his raw project directory and wrote right over mine with the same file mind you with not changes not even the name. I then complied the project and i got not errors also.  This was very frustrating i don't know why.  I will attach my project ( a zipped file of my project directory for your review hopefully there can be something found to indicate what i am doing wrong. Below are two screen shots of what i used to do the bundling in File and under Project(Note i could not get either to work properly.




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                  Would you please expand the error location?  Alternatively, does double clicking the error take you to the right location?

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                    I downloaded and tried your last attachment "Injection Machine DV1.cydsn.zip"

                    It had only Injection_Machine_DV1" project and it compiled OK.


                    Then I noticed that there is a zip file "Injection Molder.cywrk.Archive01.zip" in the project folder.

                    If you were using standard "Archive Workspace/Project..." menu, this kind of zip should be generated in an Archive folder, so I think that you are doing something original or different.


                    Anyway, I expanded the project and tried to open it, then got following error dialog


                    in the meantime, PSoC Creator output  was


                    It says that

                    (1) "C:\Driver Projects\SS1-Injection Molder\Firmware\Injection Machine DV1.cydsn\Injection Machine DV1.cyprj" can not be opened

                    (2) "C:\Cypress Examples\OLED.cydsn\OLED.cyprj" can not be opened


                    So, for (1) I moved "Injection Machine DV1.cydsn" to "C:\Driver Projects\SS1-Injection Molder\Firmware\

                    Then tried Injection Molder again,

                    This time I only got error for OLED.

                    And as you have your implementation of OLED in the Injection Machine DV1.cydsn,

                    I just "Removed OLED from the project"



                    Then I tried to Clean and Build "Injection_Molder" again and this time I could be compiled OK.



                    From your original post, it seemed that the INJ pin of ADC was not connected,

                    and also there was a conflict between your "OLED" and Cypress's sample "OLED".


                    But the current attached project does not have ADC pin problem.

                    And if I remove Cypress's sample "OLED" from the project, it can be compiled

                    so it will be difficult to find a problem in the current project.


                    A couple of suggestions/requests

                    (1) Please do not have space ' ' or dash '-' in the middle of your project path.

                       Although it could be compiled, IMHO, this can be a very good source of problems.

                    (2) If you have scattered projects please provide all projects so that we can reproduce same problem.



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                      Downloaded your proejct.  Builds and compiles with no errors.