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    CYBLE-416045-02 gets hanged during run time (using Freertos on core m4) When calling Cy_BLE_ProcessEvents on both m0 and m4 core



      We are using CYBLE-416045-02 psoc6 and are using both ble5.0 and Freertos on core m4. We have configured Ble as dual core. We are calling Cy_BLE_ProcessEvents() function in while(1) loop of main of core m0 and ble task in m4 core exactly like the example code, but after arounf 3 minutes the system gets hanged.

      Error :-

      The target program has stopped at: file: main_cm4.c line: 59 function: main address: 0x10080398 Continuing target program =thread-group-exited,id="i1"