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    FOSS policy about a PSoC4 project


      Dear Cypress Community,


      a customer is asking us to develop a project based on a PSoC4 chip.

      In its requirements, it's written:

      The following O.S.S. licenses are blacklisted:
      ->Sleepycat License
      OSS components licensed under blacklisted licenses cannot to be used in the delivered SW.
      OSS under licenses with Copyleft clauses (e.g. GPLv2, LGPLv2.1, MPL2.0) is only allowed to be used in a way to avoid Copyleft effects on proprietary SW.


      In your opinion and about that topic, which problem may I have by using PSoC Designer and the code generated by it?

      Can you also help me in understanding if a FOSS check like that is more related to the tools used to write/compile the code or to the code itself?


      Thank you very much,