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    CYBT-333032-02  EZ-Serial   Pins/Pinouts




      In the process of evaluating the CYBT-333032-02 to be used to replace our current BT2.1 (CSR  BR-C40) Implementation. Specifically need to test SPP performance against our proprietary HCI implementation (very old, No stack, very fast (in the day)).


      I am going to mount the CYBT-333032-02 onto our existing design and was wondering/confirming:


      1. The Module I order from Mouser comes with the EZ-Serial Firmware (found it on a slide)

      2. I can wire the interface pins to my Microcontroller to control the interface.

      3. I need to wire up the control signals for CYSPP, so what Pins are purposed for CP_Role (We will be peripheral) and CYSPP (would like to control switcing states here)

      4. Do I need to connect up a Reset Signal?


      Any and all information would be helpful here.


      Richard Hecht