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    OTA DFU Library for iOS App




      I want to implement automatic Device Firmware Update service in my IOS app,

      Is there any library that supports Cypress OTA for IOS apps?





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          CySmart uses Cypress-defined bootloader BLE profile for OTA. We have released source code of CySmart iOS application in CySmart- Mobile App home page. You can download, refer and modify it to build your own iOS apps to work with Cypress BLE products.

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            Thanks, I saw in the IOS app source code that the OTA performed with a CYACD file is it possible

            to performed the OTA with a HEX file?

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              Hi Mich El,


              OTA bootloading uses the .cyacd file which contains code and data for just the bootloadable project, without the associated bootloader. It is intended to be used by a bootloader host program, and downloaded to a target PSoC that has the associated bootloader project already installed.


              Bootloadable .hex files are different in that they contain code and data bytes for the bootloadable and the associated bootloader project. Bootloadable gets the bootloader project's hex file from dependency selected in bootloadable component configuration window. Once you program the bootloadable.hex file; both projects are programmed in at the same time. This option is provided for production programming.