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      Hi, I am developer on psoc microcontroller.

      I created a device with some feature like GSM and RS485 and external FRAM with I2C and so on...

      Its worked well and it work for controlling irrigation in agriculture smarter by getting some function from server on GSM and control monitoring some sensor like TEMP and HUMIDITY on farm. Its so long to describe all of that....

      I am doing this project with psoc5 and using FreeRTOS. It is so good without any hangup or effective from noise or any other destructive situation.

      Now i have an important question that is so useful for me to reach FOTA on my device.(to change firmware of device to new)

      I using example from cypress BLE_OTA_External_Memory_Bootloader and i know how can i creat 128 byte od meta data and how write structure on external memory FRAM true to update firmware by bootloader program. below is structure of OTA in that sample:


      Image Status

      Encryption Enabled

      Application checksum

      Image Size in flash rows

      Number of the first flash row

      External memory page size

      True(0x56) or False or Loaded(0x4C) App status

      0x00000000 show disable mode

      Sum all of .cyacd program data in each row,then 2complementation

      Number of row in .cyacd

      In this example is 0x74

      show page of EEPROM (here is 64Kbyte)














      Cause in my project i am using psoc5 and it has not struct like psoc4ble so i cant find how to change BLE_OTA_External_Memory_Bootloader to modified on psoc5.for example each row in psoc4ble is 128 byte but in psoc5 is 288 byte.

      I try to build an easy sample code like LED blinking and adding Bootloadable on my project to create .cyacd file from project.It is build and i write on external memory like sample project.Calculate meta data by above structure in chart but i cant modified  BLE_OTA_External_Memory_Bootloader to OTA true.

      please tell me how can i do?

      and if i need own bootloader program how can i create that to reach my purpose?

      I am attach my prohect on psoc4BLE,plaese tell me how can i modified on psoc5lp?

      thanks for attention...