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    OTA function




      I want to realize the function like WsOtaupgrade.exe tool. I have see the ota_firmware_upgrade example, I think this is OTA slavor part. How about OTA master part example?

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          Please go through WICED-Firmware-Upgrade-Library.pdf available in WICED SDK


          Also please note , WsOtaUpgrade application source code is available in WICED SDK. You may refer to the implementation used there.



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            it's useful for me. And I'm green hand to implement OTA master function into Cybt343021-01. I want to firstly try to add "WICED_OTA_UPGRADE_COMMAND_PREPARE_DOENLAOD" command in my FW. What can I do? What's the API?

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              I have seen the example in C:\Users\treacy\Documents\WICED-Studio-6.2\common\peer_apps\ota_firmware_upgrade\Windows\WsOtaUpgrade. But it is windows API. What can I do to implement into my secondary code? For example, I want to add WICED_OTA_UPGRADE_COMMAND_PREPARE_DOENLAOD command in the ota_firmware_upgrade example, what can I do?

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                From the testing of wsotaupgrade.exe, it should be paired in PC firstly. So I think my code should firstly to do the pair(but C:\Users\treacy\Documents\WICED-Studio-6.2\common\peer_apps\ota_firmware_upgrade\Windows\WsOtaUpgrade example don't have this step because it is done in the PC part). Is it correct?