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    OTA fail




      I'm testing OTA function with the ota_firmeare_upgrade example. But when I run Osotaupgrade.exe to do the upgrading, below fail comes. Please tell me why and how to modify code.



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          I tested the demo before and there is no problem. Did you use a windows computer for the OTA as the following steps?

          * 1. Plug the WICED eval board into your computer

          * 2. Build and download the application (to the WICED board)

          * 3. Pair from client

          * 4. Use WsOtaUpgrade application to try over the air upgrade.  Pass as an argument

          *    snip.ota_firmware_upgrade-CYW9207xxWCDEVAL-rom-ram-Wiced-release.ota.bin

          *    the name of the file created during the build.


          You need to copy the .ota.bin file to the same folder with WsOtaUpgrade.exe and run the WsOtaUpgrade.exe in the comand line window like:

          WsOtaUpgrade.exe snip.ota_firmware_upgrade-CYW9207xxWCDEVAL-rom-ram-Wiced-release.ota.bin

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            Yes, I do as your said steps. But failed. And I find my OTA demo log is as below. Is it correct?

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              Is your make something like this?


              snip.ota_firmware_upgrade-CYW920706WCDEVAL OTA_FW_UPGRADE=1 download


              Did you copy the xxx-release.ota.bin into a temp folder together with the WsOtaUpgrade.exe utility?


              Did your Bluetooth dongle able to scan the above board?