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    address: Non-Resolvable Private Address judgment method




      I would like to connect Central that can be connected to other than (Address: non-Resolvable Private Address).
      Is there a way to determine (address: non-Resolvable Private Address)?


      The following environment is used.
        Application: Added pairing based on ble_hello_sensor
        WICED- + CYW43438)

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          Hello hiroaki nunome San,


          I couldn't able to understand your query properly. Can you please clarify ?


          Do you mean you want to implement a Central which can connect upon checking the peer device address type?

          If then, in the call back function of wiced_bt_ble_scan API, you can check the peer device address type which tells whether its public / random address.


          In that if you want to check specifically Non resolvable private address, then you may have to compare the peer device address received in scan result call back with the Non RPA address format. According to spec, MSB of 48 bit of Non RPA will be 00 . You may have to implement some application logic to check the peer address before initiating connection.





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