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    Wised Sense Ble  Board Address change


      I downloaded existing SDK sample on multiple BLE sense 20737S, but all of the Ble have same Board address.

      How to change and decide board address?


      And how to trace? debug?  Eclipse Trace does not works.



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          Hi userc_13255,


          For BD Address, my favorite way (if you only have a couple devices) of changing it is to add BT_DEVICE_ADDRESS=20737A****** (the stars are your input) in the make target.  For other options please take a look at this link BD_ADDR: Changing BCM20737 Board Address for Production


          For debug, the WICED Sense kit does not officially support debug traces but there is a hack

          1. allow for debug traces in your code. if you are using the wiced sense app in the SDK, you need to comment out the #define BLE_TRACE_DISABLE in line 50

          2. download the firmware onto your device

          3. unplug your device from the usb cable

          4. power your device through coin cell

          5. connect your device through usb (with the coin cell still in)

          6. take out the coin cell

          7. start traces


          Hope this helps!