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    Creating a Control File to Replace Directives cydwr


      I have been playing with an example project with a single 16 bit UDB counter in it in order to choose where to place the component in the UDB array of the PSoC 5LP that I am using.


      I am successful in being able to choose where the sub-components of the counter are placed. For example when forcing the first datapath (1 of 2) at location 0,0 of the array, I create a directive and assign:


      \Counter:CounterUDB:sC16:counterdp:u0\ ForceComponentUDB U(0,0).


      When reading https://www.cypress.com/file/137441/download , and learning how to write a control file I have tried to create the same manual assignment of this datapath using the following logic:


      attribute placement_force of \Counter:CounterUDB:sC16:counterdp:u0\: signal is "U(0,0)";


      This statement, however, is not causing an effect on this component. I made sure to follow the directions in order to create a control file for the project. But when building the project nothing seems to change. Does anyone have experience with this?


      I just would ideally like to edit a text file rather than interface with the GUI directives tab in order to manually place components in the UDB array.


      Thank you!

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          Hello Jared,


          For forcing the datapath to location 0,0 of the array you can make the following changes:


          1. Go to the Directives tab of the design wide resources.

          2. Click on the add directive button.

          3. Suppose the name of your counter is "Counter_1" then add the Component (Signal) name, Directive type and Directive Value as shown in the image below.


          4. Build the project.


          The change made should be reflected in the .rpt file under the results tab of the Workspace explorer.


          Can you let me know how are you verifying that there is no affect on the component?

          Also, can you please attach your project, this would help us in understanding the problem you are facing in a better way.


          Best Regards


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            Hello Ekta,


            Thank you for the response. My question was aimed toward creating a "control file" which would replace the work needed to interface with the Directives tab within the GUI. I wanted a textual way of being able to manually place components which I eventually chose to use the project .cydwr file; the "PlaceDir" group then contained the XML output from the directives tab.


            This resolves using the "control file" I had read about in the https://www.cypress.com/file/137441/download file.


            So all is resolved. Thanks.


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