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    BT modules same PCB


      We are using the CYBLE-224116 in a new design. Actually, we are using two modules and we would like to place both on the same PCB about 3 inches from each other. I think that we might have some interference placing them that close.  Has anyone placed modules on the same PCB? If so, what distance apart




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          Hello Ray,


          You get better isolation when the modules are placed like:

          1. The E planes of the antenna are orthogonal to each other,

          2. As far from each other as possible (farther the better, no limit to it).

          3. Place one module at a direction where the other module has its null gain(or minimum gain).

          So, we need to get the radiation pattern details for this.


          Could you please let me know why you are using two modules in the same product. If we know that, we can see if there are other alternates.



          P Yugandhar.