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    Suggestions on selecting proper BLE profile




      I need an advice on selecting the proper BLE profile. I'm new to BLE and a bit confused. So basically what I need is some kind of Bluetooth original SPP, but over BLE. In short, what I need is to exchange binary data between PSoC 63 device and iOS / Android or other device. There will be following communication channels:

      PSoC 63 device [node] <---> iOS /  Android

      PSoC 63 device [node] <---> Another device (non-PSoC)

      In a both cases smartphone or non-PSoC device should connect to PSoC63 device and exchange some binary information. Serial over bluetooth will be just perfect here,  however, since BLE does not contain any serial-emulation profile, I don't know whether it will be better to choose from existing profile or create custom one. However, in case custom of one, how I will support it from mobile application (which, presumably, will be implemented in Xamarin). I'm very sorry for so broad [and for sure stupid] question, if there are anything to read on topic (or any even semi-working example), it could be nice if you could point to it.


      Thanks in advance,