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    About the CY7C65211A-24LTXI driver Windows automatic update.




      Q1)Is the CY7C65211A-24LTXI driver already scheduled for WHQL for the following OS version? Is automatic Windows update possible?

      Windows10 IoT Enterprise LTSB (64bit)
      Windows10 IoT Enterprise LTSC (64bit)

      Q2) I think it needs to use Cypress's VID (0x04B4) as a condition for automatic Windows update. If a customer-specific VID( other than 0x04b4)  is set in
      USB-Serial Configuration Utility,, automatic updating is not possible.  Is it correct assuming?



      Is it possible to identify products using Device-ID other than VID? and, Is it possible to set a Device-ID with USB-Serial Configuration Utility,?

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