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    Beware of automatic updating your project PDL components to the latest.


      To all,


      I'm blogging this discussion and would appreciate any feedback and potential solutions.


      I'm referring to the discussion started by Konrad in the link below:

      PSoC 6 Pioneering Kit doesn't work after programming


      In summary, Konrad had a CY8CKIT-062-BLE that appeared to no longer work.  The answer turned out to be that he had updated the PDL library to 3.10 on his PDL components used.  This made his project no longer operational.  To be clear, the project programmed successfully into the kit but the project no longer performed the required function.  To get his kit to work, he needed to revert the PDL library version to be used to an earlier version.  Trust me, that is not as easy as it sounds.  Hopefully someone (poke at Cypress tech support) can reveal a simpler method.  I will elaborate my method below.


      I had an identical CY8CKIT-062-BLE and had multiple example projects for that kit built and successfully running.

      At one point later, I downloaded and installed the PDL library 3.10.  The install defines this library version as the latest 'default' library for PDL.  Here is a pic of "Tools\Options..." menu.

      Additionally updating the PDL components to the later (3.10) versions forces the PDL library to load this new code during the "Generate Application" phase of the build.

      Note:  Reverting to an early version is not easy or obvious.   Note to Cypress:  It would be nice if I can first invoke the "Component Update Tool" at will.  Then select a earlier version in the "New Version" field.  This might be a simpler means of reverting the component version.  Right now, it appears you can only invoke the "Component Update Tool" when there are updated versions of at least one component available.


      There appears to be some updated PDL components that make the project non-operational.

      I learned that the hard way.  I automatically updated my PDL library and components to the latest (3.10) then all of a sudden my projects became nonfunctional whereas before I was operational.  I thought my CY8CKIT-062-BLE was toast.


      The "Fix"

      To fix my issue, I had to take two steps:

      1. Load the original example project with the earlier version of the PDL component called out in the TopDesign.  The downside of this method is any changes to the TopDesign or SW could be potentially lost.   [Can Cypress suggest a better way to revert the component to an earlier version?)
      2. Go to menu "Tools\Options..." and selected an earlier version of the PDL library as shown in this pic.

      Rebuild the project.  This fixed my non-operational issue.


      Please add to this discussion if you have experience in this issue.  I'm assuming this is an issue that not just Konrad and I have run into.


      I will add new details about this issue as I discover them.