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    PowerMonitor on P4100PS


      I'm trying to add a PowerMonitor component on a project with a P4100PS, but I get an error using it an it says "The ADC_SAR_SEQ_P4_v2_50 component is not compatible with the selected device".

      It's strange from my point of view that I can see PowerMonitor [v2.20] as a compatible device but SAR used by it is not compatible.

      Can someone tell me if there a I way to use PowerMonitor component? If not, is there any other component suitable to control the PowerSupply the perform a data write in flash memory in case of power loss?


      thank you in advance




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          Hi Daniel,


          PSoC 4100PS makes use of Scanning SAR ADC component 3.10V where as power monitor component makes use of ADC_SAR_SEQ_P4_v2_50. That is causing the issue at your end. Did you use change device option at your end ? You can go to tools -> Find new components and devices to be updated with any new update of devices added to the creator. Regarding power monitor component this may be added in future as a component. But as of now there is no support. You can check the source code for the component to recreate the feature at your end. Let us know if you need any help.

          Best Regards,