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    CY8C29866 Flash corruption




      I'm wondering if any else is finding a problem with the CY8C29866 flash.

      We are using it as a control processor on card, that is used to monitors a larger system.

      Intermittently, we find the internal flash is becoming corrupt. To a certain degree the processor continues to run, but acts odd or unstable. Using the programmer we sometimes find the actual checksum has changed but not always.

      We haven't identified a particular cause or event prior to the corruption, but the only way to fix the problem it is to reprogram the flash. Then it works for a while, but can become corrupt again.


      There is an Errata about ensuing the device is programmed above a certain voltage, because the flash will become corrupt. We do ensure the voltage is correct, and we are still having problems. There is no writing to the flash in the code.



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          It would help us identify the issue, if we can get the original checksum, and the corrupted checksum. How can we identify that the processor is behaving odd or unstable?


          Is the power supply to the device meeting all datasheet specifications?


          Can we get the schematic, and the PSoC Designer project?

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            One of the most common violations of the spec we have seen is customers doing a Flash write at 24Mhz when voltage is below 4.75V. This can cause unintended flash operations.

            Can you ensure there is no 24Mhz operation is happening ( even during a power down event?)