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    CYW20819 and CYW20820 for Audio


      Hi everyone


      A customer has consulted the CYW20819 and CYW20820 chips for Audio application.


      I confirmed the Datasheet of both.

      They all correspond to Audio devices.


      From CYW20819 datasheet:


      ■ Headsets, earbuds, and other audio solutions



      From CYW20820 datasheet:

      The CYW20820 is a best-in-class Bluetooth 5 single-chip solution targeted at Bluetooth Mesh, audio, voice, wearables, mice,

      keyboards, gaming consoles, remote controls, home automation, and a wide range of other Internet of Things (IoT)



      They are relatively new products, which one should be recommended?


      I want to confirm if they all correspond to the following profiles, too.

      Could you tell me the detailed profile information?

        A2DP: Source / Sink,

        AVRCP: Controller / Target,

        HSP, HFP