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    LCD interface questions? SPI? Graphic interface?


      Hey, me and my friend were able to finish the to record and transmit accurate data using UART. However, Now I'm focusing generating the waveform on a Velleman VMA412 LCD. I posted a question regarding what LCD screen to get, and most of the people on here recommended an Ili9341 LCD display. This VMA412 display I'm using has the Ili9341 V0.7. I was given a schematic by Motoo Tanaka that utilized SPI interface (All credit goes to him, Thank you!). However, I believe that my SPI on my LCD seems to only have SD Cards SPI protocols and not a separate pin to connect to the Master SPI  Component in PSOC (I think this is due to the SD before each SPI protocol pin). I will show a picture of the LCD pins plus the data sheet of LCD . But I connected DS_SCK to the master sclk, MOSI to SD_DI, MISO to SD_DO, I think I connected TFT_CS to LCD_CS. connected VDD and ground. The LCD turns on, I just get a white screen though.  And the other pins on my schematic I still have questions about, As I have no clue to where they go? I looked at the Ili9341 Datasheet but it is 300 pages and I don't think this LCD screen has the same layout as it. Pins IM[0-3] for interface mode are missing! If SPI does not work, I was offered another suggestion by DheerajK to use the GraphicsLCDInt component. However, I think I need to download Segger Emwin library to be able to utlize the 8 bit 8080 communication component. I would also like tips on that! As a last resort. I found a Russian website that featured plenty of examples of Graphic LCD. However, Google translate was not much help and I'm not fluent in Russian.


      Thank You! and any help will be appreciated as you all have been of great help!



      Here is the link to the product!






                Credit Goes to Motoo Tanaka for the Schematic, TFT.h and TFT.C!