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    CyUSBSerial: CyI2cWrite failing on Linux using Python




      We are developing a Python controlling software.    The device to be controlled is built with a CY7C65215 chip.  The manufacturer of the device provides a C sharp version API and we need to convert it into a Python version.  The C sharp version works perfectly.

      We use the cyusbserial.so library provided by cypress.   We measured the I2C pins on the device.  SCL shows low signal and there is no clock signal.

      The error code returned is 6 which is CY_ERROR_REQUEST_FAILED.     It seems that CY7C65215 chip can not recognize the signal from Linux.   

      What could be wrong?        Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  



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          -Could you please try the CyUSBSerialTestUtility present with USB-Serial Linux SDK? The utility is designed to perform read/write operations to the I2C EEPROM on the board.

          -The CY_ERROR_REQUEST_FAILED error occurs if library is not initialized properly. Please use the CyUSBSerialTestUtility source as reference for modifying your application and check the SCL lines again.


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