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    SPI1 access or send command to flash in application level.

      Hi Broadcom helpers,


      We have a BCM20737 connect with a MX25R1035F SPI flash, we have 2 issue now:

      1. The power consumption: We found there is still 2 mA current consumption during deep sleep mode, we want to send the SPI command to make SPI flash goes to deep sleep mode too. Since the ROM code got the handle of this interface, how can we do that?


      Since the SPI1 has already been init by ROM code, can we just pull down the CS pin, and just call "spiffyd_txData(SPIFFYD_1, 1, 0xB9)" without spiffyd_init(SPIFFTD_1) or some related initialisation?


      2. The OTP access:

      It seems there is no support for the OTP section of the SPI flash in BCM20737 API(Or there is? please kindly provide related information.) How can we access the the OTP section of the flash in application level?