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    Partial EEPROM in PSoC 5LP


      I'm trying to setup the EEPROM in my project so that the first 16 rows are not overwritten when I reprogram the chip.


      I found this old thread:


      Re: How to include PARTIAL EEPROM in Hex/CYACD File?


      But after setting the EE Offset in the linker file to some non-zero value I lose the ability to set the EEPROM entirely when programming the chip.


      I have attached the linker file that I created.


      I've never touched the linker file before so I might be missing something simple.

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          Could you share more details regarding your application? Please let us know if your end application requires two versions of hex file, one wich supports partial and another with full programming of 2KB EEPROM memory.

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            The end application only needs 1 version of the hex file that supports a partial EEPROM. I would like to have a section of the EEPROM reserved for things like serial number, revision of the board, initial firmware, and similar data. I don't want to lose that information when I reprogram the PSoC. The hex file's EEPROM section would include common settings like PID loop values that can be reset after programming without causing any problems.