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    CCG3 - PS8742 MUX control and DC-DC control with Billboard implementation




      I would like to use the CCG3 from Cypress in the following application:


      - CCG3 shall perform PD management for UFP port with Power Sink (our box acts as a docking station, that charges laptops)

      - CCG3 shall control the PS8742 MUX (FLIP, CE_USB, CE_DP) depending on Alt Mode, Pin Assignment C,D shall be supported

      - CCG3 shall control the DC-DC converter via GPIOs (1 out of 4 possible power contracts)

      - CCG3 shall implement a Billboard Device

      - Optional: CCG3 shall implement an HID device


      Please let me know how it is possible, we ordered a CCG3 Eval kit, arrives soon.


      Thank you