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    Maximum number of registered whitelists


      Ask about the maximum number of whitelisted entries.


      It is necessary to register up to 8 units of white list.
      (Advertising: 7 units, scanner: 1 unit)


        Wiced_bt core stack configuration (wiced_bt_cfg_settings_t) .ble_white_list_size = 8
        Advertising registration: Use wiced_bt_ble_update_advertising_white_list()
        Scanner registration: Use wiced_bt_ble_update_scanner_white_list()
        If you register advertising using wiced_bt_ble_update_advertising_white_list (), the third unit will fail.
        (The return value is FALSE.)


        The following environment is used.
          WICED-Studio- + CYW43438)


      Isn't it possible to register up to the number set in ".ble_white_list_size"?


      Please tell me how to register more than 3 units