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    S25FL256LAGNFB010 operation




      Please tell me about S25FL256LAGNFB010 operation.

      If the power supply voltage is input from 0V, and the input does not exceed 2.4V, what happens to the this device?

      (Dose the device remain reset(stopped))?


      Doesn't it work even if the input of 0<VDD<2.4(V) continues?




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          Hi Hayato-san,


          The power supply voltage range of S25FL256LAGNFB010 should be Vcc=2.7V to 3.6V.

          Vcc=2.4V is out of Spec.

          Also, please see the following power-up cycle shown in section 11.5 “Power-Up and Power-Down” in the datasheet:

          Where Vcc(Min) = 2.7V, tPU = 300us.

          Before the power supply voltage rises above Vcc(Min) and a valid delay of tPU, user is not allowed to enter any command.


          If the low power supply voltage is required, you may check our S25FS256S production, whose power supply voltage is 1.8V.


          Best regards,