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    Semper Addressing Question


      Maybe I haven't had my coffee this morning. But I'm hung up on something in the Semper address space mapping.

      I know that when a page is accessed two 32 byte half pages are accessed. And I'm aware that Semper uses "mirror bit" technology.

      But I see a 2x issue with respect to the number of byte addresses in a sector and the size of the sector.  I'm trying to understand what basic thing I'm overlooking.

      Likely it's something obvious.

      In the image below we have a 128KB sector with only 16 bits of address space... last I googled 16 bits define a 64K address space


      By the same token a Uniform Sector layout of 256K byte sectors has an address range of 0x0-0x1FFFF (17 bits) which defines a 128K Addressing range not a 256K addressing range.  I re read the documentation multiple times, but I can't figure out how to access 256K of unique bytes with only 128K of address space.

      What big thing am I missing?



      I'm looking at  Document Number 002-12337 Rev O.  Specifically the 256KB UniformSectorAddressMap.


      What is it about SemperMirror Bit technology that I am missing where I can somehow access 256K bytes using 128K of unique addresses.


      I thought it might be in the half page access, but its not clear.  Help me understand.  Thanks!