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    Captive Portal working ?

      I've tried to use the captive portal test ( via the snip.config_mode ), but it did't seems to work with 3.1.2 and the following clients:

      1. MAC OS 10.10

      2. Android 4.3


      Could you please conduct the trivial test to see if it does work and list the clients that you've been testing it against ?

      ( it might have been fixed in 3.3.1 since )


      Thanks !



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          Hey Tsachi,


          The captive portal works in the latest SDK. You may want to check it out.

          Let us know, if you need any more assistance.


          Best Regards,


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            Just for the search-ability of this forum, could you please specify which SDK version you've validate that with and against which platforms ( and their corresponding versions ) ?





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              Hi Therman,


              So I tested the application using WICED SDK 3.4.0 on a BCM943341 Board.


              Screen shots for your reference.



              1. Compiling and downloading the application on the board



              2. Output on UART when the device is running on SoftAp mode.


              3. Searching for the SoftAp



              4. Connecting to the SoftAp :- SSID Wiced Config, Password: 12345678



              5. Opening the URL:

              Note: Make sure you save the Settings by clicking on "Save Settings" before proceeding to the Wifi Setup


              6. Scanning Wifi for the device to connect and stop the SoftAp mode.



              7. Connecting the board to an access point.



              8. Output on the UART after connecting.



              I have used the WICED IDE on windows with WICED 3.4.0 SDK on BCM943341 and BCM943362.

              It should work with any Wifi enabled Broadcom Board.


              Hope that helps.

              Let us know if you any issues and we will be happy to provide you with more help.


              Best Regards,