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    Audio Streaming via BLE Mesh




      I would like to implement the audio data streaming over BLE Mesh using CYBT-213043-Mesh Evaluation kit. Let me know if it is possible or not?

      This kit is having I2S port for audio data transfer. But How I can implement the synchronization between multiple clients?

      If possible using this evaluation kit, then please share some documents or sample application code


      If not possible, then please suggest solution to transfer audio data to multiple clients.




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          Hi vach_4599946,


          Bluetooth mesh specification (networking topology) is build on top of Bluetooth Low Energy radio for reliable communication between large number of devices (mesh topology). It is ideally suited for small and burst commands and response, something like On or OFF for a lightbulb or periodic publication from a temperature sensor, etc. 


          For audio streaming your device may need to support Bluetooth Classic audio Profiles (Eg: A2DP).

          We recommend to use CYW20706 silicon for audio project since it support all required BT classic audio profiles (which meas, Cypress has already implemented BT audio profiles for 20706 chip and code examples are also available. Customers can easily import it in WICED SDK and start working on the end product).

          Please refer WICED Bluetooth Software Features  know about Bluetooth profiles support.


          "If not possible, then please suggest solution to transfer audio data to multiple clients" -> I feel like this is a general query regarding the limitation / enhancement needed for classic BT. I believe, the source should be capable of transmitting the audio to multiple devices periodically. It depends on the processing power of source also. I will get back to you soon, if any solutions are there for implementing this scenario for BT audio.


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            Thanks Dheeraj for quick & valuable reply.

            The CYW20706 device is capable to work in mesh network for audio signal?


            In our application, the transmitted audio signal needs to be play in synchronization at multiple speakers.

            Example - Real time audio speech from microphone. I would like to transfer the 1-microphone signal to multiple speaker (with in-built amplifier) without wired connection. I am open for any wireless mesh network like WiFi, Zigbee or BLE.





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              I would prefer you to use WiFi in your application instead BT.

              Please download latest WICED SDK and check demo/apollo audio application. Using this application you will be able to stream audio to multiple clients in real time.