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    Bootloader Command not recognized


      I have a product developped on PSOC3 and PSOC Creator 3.3.  For some reason, I wanted to migrate the design on PSOC Creator 4.2.  The design works well in 4.2 but when it cames to use Host Bootloader 4.2 to update the product I got the message "Command not recognized : the supported commands are defined in the Bootloader section of the System Refer Guide".  Even if I have this message, the upload seems to be succesful.


      Also, If I use Host Bootloader 3.3 and I use the same .cyad file compiled from PSOC Creator 4.2, I don't get the message.


      I know about the thread bootloader host - Command not recognised  but it's not my case with the project name.


      Any idea on what can cause it? Is the bootloader needs to be recompile in 4.2 or it should be the same as in 3.3?