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    How to force I2C to fail to boot


      Hi I have an EEPROM image which gets loaded on the FX3 through the F1F PMODE[2:0] option which is "I2C, On failure, USB boot enabled"


      My question is how do I cause the I2C EEPROM to fail to boot? if I write 0x00 across the entire EEPROM that will work, but is there a smaller set of data I can write to? like the first 64 bytes or something?


      Thank you

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          The I2C boot fails in following condition


          1) I2C address cycle or data cycle error

          2) Invalid signature in FX3 firmware image

          3) Invalid image type


          The first two bytes of the .img file will be CY (in ASCII). If you change the these bytes, the I2C boot will fail and there will be fallback to USB boot.