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    Condition for ILO accuracy of Automotive PSoC4000S





      There is a ILO accuracy in the Automotive PSoC® 4: PSoC 4000S datasheet like below.

                                                                         min  typ max

      SID237 FILOTRIM1 ILO frequency range    20  40    80 kHz



      Q1:Is this "Guaranteed by characterization" or "designed value"?





      And there is a "Trimmed ILO frequency (+/ 60%) " in PSoC 4 Low-Frequency Clock (cy_lfclk) datasheet.

      Similarly, there is a "40-kHz internal low-speed oscillator (ILO) with ±60 percent accuracy

      with trim (can be calibrated using the IMO)" in PSoC 4000S Family PSoC 4 Architecture TRM.



      Q2:What is "Trimmed ILO frequency (+/ 60%) "? and please tell me the relation between SID237 min/typ/max value and "Trimmed ILO frequency (+/ 60%) ".



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          A1: This is "Guaranteed by characterization"

          A2: Trimmed ILO Frequency is trimmed in factory before shipment. For PSoC4000S, the trimmed ILO frequency should be 40KHz +100%,-50%, not +/- 60% .  +/- 60% is applicable on those PSoC 4 w/o S devices (PSoC 4000, 4100, 4200, 4200M, 4200 L).

          We will contact documents team to update the data in TRM.


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