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    CYUSB to WIFI transition




      We are using an FPGA system based on Spartan 6 for an imaging application.  This system is comprised of typical DCDC converters, Analog and Digital Grounds, readout electronics, DDR3 memory to store image data (will need to be updated at some point, and is within the scope of project) and USB to transmit the stored data.


      Specifically, CYUSB3014-BZXI is the part which is currently in use.  We would like to upgrade from this USB to WIFI.  As we start to investigate this transition, some questions arise


      • Can you provide some documentation for making this transition, I would guess this might already be available, though I did not find much with a quick search?
      • Is there some part selection guide and requirements for WIFI?
      • I am currently using usblib0 for communication using python (using pyusb).  Can you suggest any python based libraries for interfacing with wifi protocol?
      • As we integrate this with FPGA design & layout, is there available some VHDL or verilog module for handling data pipeline.


      Those are the questions for now.  Likely will come back with couple more


      Thanks and warm regards,