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    Cy_Flash_StartProgram with FreeRTOS Causes an Unexpected Behavior


      I have two examples, the first one is a bare metal system and I am calling Cy_Flash_StartProgram function and it is working fine as expected. The other example is the same as the first one but depends on FreeRtos. Sometimes, when I call Cy_Flash_StartProgram the system goes in unexpected behavior. From debugging I found that Systick handler does not fire anymore for FreeRtos operations.  I believe that the system got hanged in this line "while (0UL == _FLD2VAL(SRSS_CLK_CAL_CNT1_CAL_COUNTER_DONE, SRSS_CLK_CAL_CNT1)" inside function Cy_Flash_RAMDelay.
      Could anyone help, how I can solve this bug as it consumes a lot of time?