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    PSoC3 Chip : CY8C3866PVI-021, Using USBIO D+,D- for MiniProg3


      Application Scenario :

      1.  CY8C3866PVI-021 assembled on PCB.  Secondary SWD Programming Pins USBIO D+, D- (P15[6], P15[7]) and Pin XRES (P1[2]) connected for SWD Programming.

      2.  MiniProg3 Connected. 

      3.  PSoC Programmer Application does not Connect to the CPU.  Target CPU not detected

      4.  PSoC Creator does not detect Target in Debug


      Under the same Conditions, when the Primary SWD Programming Port Pins (P1[0], P1[1]) of the CY8C3866PVI-021 are used instead of the Secondary USBIO pins, Programming happens perfectly,


      The Manual mentions, that we can use either of the 2 Pairs for SWD Programming as both have the SWDCK, SWDIO Functions. But Programming happens only with Primary Pins


      Please suggest Possible solution to this issue.   We would like to use the Secondary SWD pins for this purpose.


      Thanks & Regards,