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    Issue with compiler optimization mode in eclipse (EZ USB Suite)




      We are using EZ USB SDK to build our project, the issue we are facing is that, by default the optimization mode for compiling is set to size optimization mode, we can successfully compile the project without any error.


      After that, we changed the optimization to none and compiled the project, now we are getting errors like SYS_MEM overflow. Please refer the screen shot for example.

      The above error is expected. But again if I change the optimization to size optimization mode without changing anything, we should not get any error, because we already compiled with this setting and that too complied successfully without any memory overflow error.


      But we are facing memory overflow error with 2000 to 3000 bytes. Why is this behavior? The behavior of firmware also has some changes. Can anyone please explain about this.


      Changes in the firmware behavior as follows,

      1. Same unique ID issue - (Please refer the following link - FX3 Unique ID is same for more than one device) we are facing this issue with initial default setting without changing anything for compiler optimization.

      2. If we change the optimization from default (size optimization) to none compiling the project and again revert back to size optimization mode, compiling the project with clearing the memory overflow errors provides the firmware image which does not has same unique ID issue.


      Note: We need to know about this variations in optimization modes, because we are fearing about some other issues with this behavior of the SDK. The SDK version we are using is 1.3.3. Please guide us in this issue.


      Thanks and Regards,

      Vignesh Kumar R.